This Dad Gets +1 Internets

Text Version:

>Take family out for shopping and get some groceries.
>Son suddenly whines that he wants a Xbox 360
>Told the son that I bought a PS3 just last year
>Son wants it for Kinect and play the ‘cool kids’ games like Halo and Gear of War
>Son started to throw tantrum and wouldn’t stop until he get what he wants
>Realized that I have a NES back in the house
>Strikes a deal with my son that if he can beat one of old classic game I’ll buy him the console
>Son agree
>Dust off my NES in the storeroom once we get back home and set it up
>Insert Silver Surfer cartridge
>”Good luck son, you seriously gonna need it.”

Weeks passed and he still can’t beat any stage. Just as planned.



~ by slyghost on August 15, 2011.

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